ITEL 303 Students

For Research, Reading/Review, and Summarization

Business Models, Revenue Models, and Business Processes

Focus on Specific Business Processes

Role of Merchandising

Product/Process Suitability to Electronic Commerce

Advantages of Electronic Commerce

Disadvantages of Electronic Commerce

Economic Forces and Electronic Commerce

Transaction Costs

Markets and Hierarchies

Using Electronic Commerce to Reduce Transaction Costs

Network Economic Structures

Network Effects

Using Electronic Commerce to Create Network Effects

Identifying Electronic Commerce Opportunities

Strategic Business Unit Value Chains

Industry Value Chains

SWOT Analysis: Evaluation Business Unit Opportunities

International Nature of Electronic Commerce

Trust Issues on the Web

Language Issues

Culture Issues

Culture and Government

Infrastructure Issues

The Net and the Web

Origins of the Internet

New Uses for the Internet

Commercial Use of the Internet

Growth of  the Internet

Emergence of the World Wide Web

Packet-Switched Networks

Routine Packets

Internet Protocols


IP Addressing

Domain Names

Web Page Request and Delivery Protocols

Electronic Mail Protocols

Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (UCE, Spam)

Markup Languages and the Web

Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

HTML and XML Editors

Intranets and Extranets



Public and Private Networks

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Internet Connection Options

Connectivity Overview

Voice-Grade Telephone Connections

Broadband Connections

Wireless Connections

Internet2 and they Semantic Web

Revenue Models

Web Catalog Revenue Models

Digital Content Revenue Models

Advertising-Supported Revenue Models

Adverstising-Subscription Mixed Revenue Models

Fee-for-Transaction Revenue Models

Fee-for-Service Revenue Models

Revenue Models in Transition

Subscription to Advertising-Supported Model

Advertising-Supported to Advertising-Subscription Mixed Model

Advertising-Supported to Fee-for-Service Model

Advertising-Supported to to Subscription Model

Multiple Transitions

Revenue Strategy Issues

Channel Conflict and Cannibalization

Strategic Alliances and Channel Distribution Management

Mobile  Commerce

Creating an Effective Web Presence

Identifying Web Presence Goals

Achieving Web Presence Goals

Web Site Usability

How the Web Site Is Different

Meeting the Need of Web Site Visitors

Trust and Loyalty

Rating Electronic Commerce Web Sites

Usability Testing

Customer-Centric Web Site Design

Connecting with Customers

The Nature of Communication on the Web



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