Some Thoughts to Ponder

“We cannot earn our way to heaven by word or work or worth; but if we trust in Christ to save us, we will receive new birth.” – Brown, Our Daily Bread, August 31, Vol. 18

“Salvation is a gift, not a paycheck.” – Our Daily Bread, August 31, Vol. 18

“Education and experience are of little value in predicting how well an applicant will do in particular position. What makes a person either fit or unfit for a job are the inner aptitudes (quickness and ease in learning or a natural tendency to do something well, especially one that can be further developed)  for certain types of work. The right kind of giftedness is also essential to our effectiveness in the Lord’s work. Secondary factors such as talent and experience have their place. We function best and accomplish the most for the Lord when we do what we’ve been gifted to do. It’s fruitless and frustrating to try to do something we are not. God wants each of us to discover and confirm our gifts. Some of us might feel uncomfortable talking about our strengths, but these are not abilities we can take credit for. the Creator Himself has put gifts within us to benefit and build others and to fulfill His purposes.” – Mart De Haan, Our Daily Bread, July 15, Vol. 18

“While we obsess over our work, God quietly does His . He keeps the earth rotating, the planets revolving, and the season changing. Without any help from us. He makes the sun rise every morning and set every evening. Every night He changes the pattern of night lights in the sky. He turns out the light so we can sleep, and turns it on again so we can see to work and play. Without lifting a finger, we get to enjoy sunrises and sunsets. Every year the seasons change on schedule. We don’t need to pray about it or tell God that it’s time to send spring. All that He does reminds us He is good (Acts 14:17). Life will at times be difficult, often it is painful, and for now it is imperfect. But still it is good, for in all these things nothing can separate us from God’s lavish expressions or love (Romans 8:39).” – Julie Ackerman Link, Our Daily Bread, September 5, Vol.  16

“God’s grace is immeasurable; His mercy inexhaustible; His peace inexpressible.” –  Our Daily Bread, September 5, Vol.  16


“When we are doing God’s will, He will be with us even without our asking. If we’re not doing His will, we need to ask for His forgiveness, change our course, and follow Him.” – Julie Ackerman Link, Our Daily Bread, August 3, Vol. 19

“No greater confidence will ever come to you or to any other Christian than the confidence of knowing you are doing God’s will. God will not commission you to do anything without ensuring your success. God does not promise you victory in every task you devise, but He does promise that you will be successful whenever you follow His will (Deut. 28:7,25). God will not allow anyone or anything to prevent His children from accomplishing His purposes.” –  Experiencing God Daily Devotionals, Aug. 2


“We cannot know the future. But we can know this: No matter what comes, we are under the loving, caring, watchful eye of our great Shepherd, who also happens to be the Son of God!” – Dave Egner, Our Daily Bread, August 24, Vol. 19


“There is freedom that comes in having nothing to hide. Living a life of integrity allows you this freedom. Your integrity is measured not by what you say about yourself but by what God and people say about you. It takes courage to open life up to the scrutiny of others. If you have mistreated others, you cannot change the past, but you can choose to live with absolute integrity from this day forward. Living righteously frees you to face any person unashamedly, knowing you have behaved in a Christlike manner.” – Experiencing God Daily Devotionals, Aug. 10


“Money changes hands – just be sure it doesn’t change the rest of you!” and “If people say you’re made of money, you should work on your personality.”

“You can be “well off” when it comes to worldly treasures and yet be in dire poverty in your soul. Or you can be poor in terms of earthside stuff and be lavishly rich by God’s standards. It’s not the Jesus is against wealth. It’s just that He is grieved by anything that we value more than Him. We can work hard and make money, but when those things are the main pursuit of life, then Jesus isn’t. Placing Him first and foremost in our lives is the key to true prosperity.” – Joe Stowell.

“Don’t let riches – or the pursuit of riches – derail your pursuit of Jesus. – Our Daily Bread, August 17, Vol. 17


“Many people don’t want to admit that life tomorrow is not guaranteed. We don’t know if we’ll live until tomorrow, or for 50 more years.” – Dave Branon

“Death could come at any time – so we must be ready all the time.” – Our Daily Bread, July 20, Vol. 18

No matter what our situation, God sees, knows, and cares.

If God sees the sparrow’s fall, paints the lilies short and tall, gives the skies their azure hue, will He not then care for you? – Our Daily Bread, July 12, Vol. 16

The Bible calls the pursuit of more stuff “greed.” The “good life” cannot be found in things. Poverty in purpose is worse than poverty in purse. – Our Daily Bread, July 12, Vol. 14

“The measure of greatness in the kingdom of God differs vastly from that of the world. Our society idolizes the right, the powerful, the beautiful, and the athletic. We even make celebrities out of those who brazenly flaunt their immorality. The world claims it is demeaning to serve others. However, God’s kingdom completely rejects the world’s measure for esteem, giving the greatest honor to the one who serves the most. The person who serves selflessly, lovingly, without complaint, and without seeking recognition is highly regarded in the kingdom of God.

The world will estimate your importance by the number of people serving you. God is more concerned with the number of people you are serving.” – Experiencing God Daily Devotionals, June 23

“It’s better to be a quiet, honest sage who, though forgotten, leaves much good behind, than a swaggering, strident fool who, though many applaud him, ‘destroys much good’ (Ecclesiastes 9:16). What matters in the end is not the recognition and gratitude we receive for the Bread, June 22, Vol. 17

“Time isn’t marching on – it’s running out! We want to remain young, but Scriptures reminds us that the years pass and death will one day arrive.”

“You can’t control the length of your life, but you can control its depth.”

“Our vigor is fleeting, our best years are brief, our youth passes quickly – time’s ever a thief, but hope yet becomes us – death’s sting holds no power, we have a Redeemer – an unfailing Tower” – Gustafson – Our Daily Bread, June 20, Vol. 17

“We refuse to leave our comfort zones. We like to stick to the familiar, the predictable, the usual. We tend to stay where we feel unthreatened, among people who make us feel accepted and loved.” – Our Daily Bread, June 24, Vol. 18


“Our main tasks – worshiping our awesome God. And we can do it in the following ways:

Meditate on HIs many attributes.

    Exalt God for He is faithful, eternal, all-knowing, just, unchangeable, gracious, holy, merciful, longsuffering, impartial, and infinite. Our God is perfect. Exalt God by realizing that He is all-powerful, almighty, personal, righteous, unsearchable, wise, triune, accessible, self-existent, glorious, and compassionate.

Contemplate His names.

    Exalt God, for He is Creator, Love, Redeemer, Shepherd, Savior, Lord, Father, Judge, Comforter, Teacher, I AM. Our God is the Mighty One.

Dwell on His identity.

    God is our shield, stronghold, light, strength, sustainer, rescuer, fortress.

Adore Him.Respect Him.Honor Him.Love Him.Exalt Him.”

– Our Daily Bread, February 13, Vol. 19

WedgePond_ROW10303113347_1366x768 “Our generation is preoccupied with methods. When we find a package that works in one business, we immediately want to package and distribute it so that it will work for others. This attitude carries over into the spiritual life as well. We spend much energy looking for spiritual disciplines, books, seminars, or conferences that “work” in order to feel satisfied with out Christian life. God does not want us to trust in methods. He wants us to trust in Him.

Trusting in methods rather than in a Person seriously limits the way we experience God. When we expect Him to speak to us only in predictable ways, we forget that God is much more complex than our perception of Him.

Don’t limit yourself to a method, expecting only to hear from your Father in predictable ways. Rather, open yourself up to other means by which God wants to commune with you. Allow the Holy Spirit to sensitize you to God’s message at all times, in every location, under any circumstance. Then you will experience God in entirely new dimensions as you are receptive to His voice.” – Experiencing God Daily Devotions, June 8


“Bad things happen – tragic and horrible things. Good things happen – amazing and miraculous things. And all this happen randomly to us. But it is not random to the God who cradles our aching hearts. He knows. . . . Suffering will come. But God is …. larger than the events that seem to contradict God’s goodness.”

“We will experience sickness, accidents, sorrow, and death. But we are not on our own. God is in control (Psalm 34:19).”

“God is always in control behind the scenes.” – Our Daily Bread, June 6, Vol. 14

“In Christ’s kingdom, humility trumps pride every time.” (Luke 14:11) – Our Daily Bread, June 23, Vol. 19

“We may successfully fool others, but God knows our hearts.” (1 Samuel 16:7) – Our Daily Bread, June 4, Vol. 17 “Sin may be hidden from others, but never from God.” (Psalm 69:5, Hebrews 4:13, Luke 12:2-3) – Our Daily Bread, June 1, Vol. 19

“Prayer should be our first response rather than our last resort.” – Our Daily Bread, June 2, Vol. 17 “When we have nothing left but God, we find that God is enough.” – Our Daily Bread, May 26, Vol. 18

“Worry can do a lot of things to you; prayer can do a lot of things for you.” – Our Daily Bread, May 27, Vol. 18

“Think before you act; think twice before you speak.” – Our Daily Bread, May 18, Vol. 18


“Victory and great accomplishments are not necessarily a sign of God’s presence. Do not assume that your good health, your profitable business, or the growth of your ministry is due to the presence of God. It may be that you have you have inadvertently chosen success over your walk with the Lord. Success in the world’s eyes are not a sign of God’s blessing. It may, in fact, indicate that you have chosen a substitute for intimate fellowship with God.” – Experiencing God Daily Devotionals, May 10

“A friend multiplies our joys and divides our sorrows.”

“Teamwork divides the effort and multiplies the effects.” – Our Daily Bread, May 12, Vol. 17 Tarutao_ROW1769030039


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