Found: The Missing Piece


The caption in USA Today read, “Physicists find the missing piece in a universal puzzle.” The “tau neutrino,” an incredibly tiny particle, was the last theorized member of the family of particles that make up the universe. It has now been proven to exist.

 Philip Schewe of the American Institute of Physics said, “It’s like finding the Z in the alphabet of fundamental particles … [This study] doesn’t save lives or fill stomachs, but it does investigate the most fundamental structures … out of which everything, including ourselves, is made.”

 Imagine finding the smallest known piece of the universe! It’s even more amazing to know the Designer of the universe – the Creator of those tiny bits of matter – and the reason they hold together. In Colossian 1:17 we read the Jesus “is before all things, and in Him all things consist.” One Bible scholar defines the word consist as the “principle of cohesion,” adding that Jesus make the universe “a cosmos instead of a chaos.”

 Jesus Christ is more vital to our existence than the “tau neutrino.” He feeds us spiritually, as well as physically. He saves us from our sins, as well as protects us from evil. He brings order to our inner chaos. May we ever worship the One who holds everything together. – Dennis De Haan

 My times are in His hand,

A hand so safe and strong,

A hand which holds the sea

And guides the stars along. – Anon


When your world seems to be falling apart, look to Jesus who holds everything together.

November 13, Vol. 18


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