All Day With God (1 Thessalonians 5:17)


Sometimes we tend to compartmentalize our lives. Perhaps we only pray only during church worship, small-group Bible study, family devotions, and personal quiet times. But what about during our workday? To pray on the job does not mean we have to fall to our knees with clasped hands and pray aloud. But it does mean that work decisions and relationships can be brought to God throughout the day.

Wherever we are and whatever we’re doing, God wants to be a part of it. When prayer enters every aspect of our lives, who knows what God might do for His glory! – Dennis Fisher

 Let’s always keep the prayer lines open,

Knowing God is always there;

For we upon His name may call

Anytime and anywhere. – De DeHaan

 True prayer is a way of life, not an emergency detour!

–       April 23, Vol. 20, Our Daily Bread


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