Hypocrites(Matthew 6:5)


A hypocrite is a pretender. He is a person who does act his real self but disguises to be another. God hates hypocrisy but loves sinners.

The biggest hypocrite of all, however, is the man or woman who refuses to come to Christ because there are so many hypocrites in the church. Such a person is inconsistent. Business is full of hypocrites, but that does not stop him from doing business. Society is full of them, but he does not decide to become a hermit. Hell is full of hypocrites, so if a person doesn’t like hypocrites he had better make sure he’s not going there.

If your excuse for not bowing before Christ and accepting Him as your Savior and Lord is that you don’t like hypocrites, will you let me show the biggest hypocrite of all? I say this in love, dear friend. Look in the mirror. Stop pretending. If you can’t think of a better excuse, you have no excuse. – M. R. De Haan, MD

One day before God’s judgment bar all sham and pretense will take flight, we’ll all be known for who we are –

there’ll be no hiding from His sight. – D. De Haan

There’s no bigger hypocrite than the person who pretends he doesn’t need Jesus.

  • April 17, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread

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