Are You a Worrywart? (Matthew 6:34)


Worry is sin. It is caused by lack of faith, a failure to believe God’s Word. Yet it is a sin that many Christians find hard to overcome.

Stop and think of the things you have worried about. How many actually happened? And how many of the things that did happen had never entered your mind? We tend to be filled with anxiety over what might happen but never does.

Jesus said that it’s futile to fret, for worrying can’t change anything (Matthew 6:27). We need to remember that our heavenly Father knows all about our situation and watches over us (vv. 28-34). We can be sure that He will take care of our needs no matter what tomorrow brings. It’s better, therefore, to be wise and trust the Lord.

Remember, worry never solved a single problem! So don’t be a worrywart! – M. R. De Haan, MD

When you feel the tension mounting, and across the busy day only gloomy clouds are drifting, as you start to worry – pray! – Anon

Worry doesn’t improve your future, it only ruins the present.

  • April 26, Vol. 18

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