True Wealth (1 Timothy 6:17)


Money is a powerful force. We work for it, save it, spend it, use it to satisfy our earthside longings, and then we wish we had more. Aware of its distracting danger, Jesus taught more about money than any other topic. Jesus warned us that trusting in wealth and using it to gain power clogs our spiritual arteries more readily than most other impediments to spiritual development. God has a far different definition of wealth than most of us.

Paul tells us that those who are rich should not be conceited about their wealth, “nor to trust in uncertain riches” (1 Timothy 6:17). Rather, we are to “be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share” (v. 18).

Interesting! God measures wealth by the quality of our lives and our generous disbursement of wealth to bless others. Not exactly Wall Street insider talk, but great advice for those of us who think that our security and reputation are tied up in the size of our bank account. – Joe Stowell

 If we’ve been blessed with riches,

We must be rich in deeds;

God wants us to be generous

In meeting others’ needs. – Sper

 Riches are a blessing only to those who make them a blessing to others.

  • June 17, Vol. 19, Our Daily Bread

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