Ignorance & Innocence (Romans 5:21)


Some people avoid going to church because they don’t want to find out that anything is wrong about them. But ignorance of our sickness doesn’t make us healthy, and ignorance of our sin doesn’t make us innocent.

When we live according to our own standards of right and wrong, we might feel good about ourselves, but that doesn’t make us spiritually healthy. Only when we are measured by God’s standard of righteousness (Jesus) do we know the condition of our spiritual health.

None of us can achieve the righteousness of Christ, but thankfully we don’t have to. He shares His righteousness with us (5:21). The good news about finding out what’s wrong with us is that the Great Physician can make us well. – Julie Ackerman Link

Great Physician, You know my heart, I bow

Before You now and ask that You show me

Any attitude or action that doesn’t please You.

Make me clean; make me well.

 God is the Measurer and Healer or our spiritual health.

  • June 30, Vol. 20, Our Daily Bread

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