True Prosperity (Mark 10:23)


A few years ago, the banking empire Citicorp ran a series of billboards about money: “Money changes hands – just be sure it doesn’t change the rest of you!” and “If people say you’re made of money, you should work on your personality.”

God also has a surprising spin on wealth. From His perspective, you can be “well off” when it comes to worldly treasures and yet be in dire poverty in your soul. Or you can be poor in terms of earth-side stuff and be lavishly rich by God’s standards.

It’s not that Jesus is against wealth. It’s just that He is grieved by anything that we value more than Him. We can work hard and make money, but when those things are the main pursuit of life, then Jesus isn’t. Placing Him first and foremost in our lives is the key to true prosperity. – Joe Stowell

 He possessed all the world had to give him,

He has reached every coveted goal;

But, alas, his life was a failure,

For he had forgotten his soul. – Denison

Don’t let riches – or the pursuit of riches – derail your pursuit of Jesus.

  • August 17, Vol. 17, Our Daily Bread

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