Keeping Busy (Matthew 11:28)


Does God determine our value by how busy we are? Does He calculate our worth by how much we accomplish? Does He reward us for living on the edge of exhaustion and not taking care of ourselves?

Followers of Jesus don’t have to live like that. Not only has He released us from slavery of sin but also from the bondage of having to prove our worth.

Accomplishing a lot for God my make us feel important, but what makes us important to God is what we allow Him to accomplish in usconforming us into the image of His Son(Romans 8:28-30). – Julie Ackerman Links

Christ never asks of us such busy labor

As leaves not time for resting at His feet;

The waiting attitude of expectations

He often counts as service most complete. – Anon.

Our value is not measured by what we do for God but by what He has done in us.

  • October 4, Vol. 17, Our Daily Bread

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