Surprised To Be Here? (Matthew 24:44)

Rapture Ready BePreparedJesus'ComingSoon

Ever since Jesus left this earth, people have tried to interpret history in the light of prophecy and predict the day of His return. After centuries of unsuccessful date-setting, many well-meaning believers have been surprisedand disillusionedon the day they were supposed to be gone.

When Jesus told His disciple about His second coming, He said that only God the Father knew the day and hour (Matthew 24:36). Jesus gave many details about the time, but one practical truth stands out: If we are faithfully serving Him, we’ll be ready no matter when He comes. – Dennis De Haan

O Lord, we do not need to know

Exactly when You will return;

So give us patience as we make

A godly life our main concern. – Sper

If Christ comes today, will you be ready to meet Him?

  • October 11, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread

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