Genuine Happiness (Psalm 18:30)


The search for genuine happiness goes on and on. New books, promising an end to heartache and strife, continually put forth new philosophies, fresh ideas, and startling discoveries. They burst on the popular scene like gigantic fireworks, burn brightly for a while, capture a popular following, and then fade away, leaving only a few diehards behind.

Our best-written books and most carefully constructed philosophies fail to bring peace. We would face certain despair if all we had was our own wisdom. But one book is different – God Word. Out of “the billion books upon the shelves,” only the Bible shows the way to peace, freedom, and happiness. It points us to Jesus Christ, and He alone reveals the true way. – David C.Egner

There is a vast difference between the books men make and the Book that makes men.

  • October 6, Vol. 1, Our Daily Bread

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