Confession and Thanksgiving (Nehemiah 9:35)


During a Sunday worship service, our congregation said this prayer of confession in unison:

Gracious God, like many believers before us, we complain when things do not go our way. We want abundance of everything rather than what is sufficient to sustain us. We would rather be elsewhere than where we are at the moment. We would rather have gifts You give to others than what You provide for us. We would rather have You serve us than serve You. Forgive our lack of gratitude for what You give.”

Abundance is no guarantee for gratefulness or thanksgiving. Prosperity may even turn our hearts away from the Lord.

Confession is a powerful prelude to a prayer of thanksgiving. Obedience is the Amen. – David McCasland

Lord, we confess that we’re not always thankful for all You have given us. We owe our very lives to You! Help us to be filled with Your praises, and then to go in obedience to serve You. Amen.

Confession opens the door to thanksgiving.

  • November 26, Vol. 16, Our Daily Bread

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