End of the Day (Psalm 50:1)

Sunset-socialphy_com_ amazing-sunset

Who has not marveled at the beauty of a sunset? We stand motionless, awestruck, hushed by the flaming sky as the sun moves toward the western horizon. Seeming to hesitate a moment, the glowing orb drops out of sight, leaving the sky ablaze with brilliant shades of pink, orange, and red. The frustration of the day are silenced by the majestic yet soothing voice of God as we view a glorious sunset.

Because the earth’s atmosphere slightly slows and bends the sun’s rays, the sun appears oval-shaped rather than round. And dust or smog in the air creates the dazzling array of colors that gives us so much visual pleasure at day’s end. And scientists tell us that a sunset can be even more beautiful than most of us have seen. In the Encyclopedia Science Supplement, astronomer John B. Irwin wrote, “When conditions are just right, the last diminishing bit of the yellow-orange sun suddenly changes into a brilliant emerald green. This green flash puts an exciting exclamation point to the end of the day.

To Christians, every sunset is an exclamation point given to us by God the Creator to end the day. It’s as if the Lord were saying, “Set aside your worries. Rest from you labors. Forget those disappointments. I am still here, taking care of My universe. I am in control. I have not changed. Look up beyond the sun to Me and be at peace.” – David C. Egner

The voice of God in nature assures us of His power.

  • – January 6, Vol. 1, Our Daily Bread



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