By Faith (Genesis 1:1)


By faith we know that the earth came into existence through the creative power of God. Columnist Sydney J. Harris makes this observation: “Suppose, in olden days, you said to a medieval monk, ‘The universe is made up of millions of galaxies of incredible size. Not only that, but each galaxy is rushing away from all the others, faster and faster. And the farther they get, the faster they go.’ The monk would think you were mad.” The point Mr. Harris is making is that either viewpoint we take the “traditional religious viewpoint” or the “dominant scientific viewpointinvolves faith. He concludes that a person who can accept the idea of a “black hole” in space, should have no difficulty believing in a “pearly gate” in Heaven.

Some scientists may accuse us of being naïve because we believe the creation story as recorded in the book Genesis. Yet they are inconsistent in making such a charge because they also arrive at their position by faith. But their faith is based on their own limited observation and fallible interpretation. And that puts those who reject God at a disadvantage. The basis of their confidence is faulty and unreliable. As Christians, we have a distinct advantage: we accept what the Creator Himself declares I the Bible. Our faith is based what He has proclaimed. We need never be ashamed to say that we accept His word by faith. It gives us true understanding. – Richard W. De Haan

Creation is not only more complex that we think it is. It is more complex than we can think.

  • January 2, Vol. 1, Our Daily Bread

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