Watermelon (Psalm 104:24)

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While eating a slice of watermelon, William Jennings Bryan thought of a way to use it as an illustration in one of his speeches. After estimating that the melon was about forty pounds, he collected a number of seeds and weighed them. Applying a little mathematics, he was amazed to find that it took nearly five thousand to make up a pound. Then he sat down at his desk and wrote, “Recently someone planted just one of those little seeds in the ground. Under the influence of sunshine and shower, it took off its coat and went to work gathering about two hundred times its own weight. It forced all the material through a tiny stem and built a watermelon. On the outside it had a covering of green; within that, a rind of white; and within that, a core of red. Scattered on the inside were more seeds – each capable of doing the same work again. What architect drew the plan? Where did the little watermelon seed get its tremendous strength? Where did it find its flavoring extract and its coloring matter?” Bryan then pointed out that until we can explain a watermelon, we dare not underestimate the power of the Almighty. In supplying us with these wonders, which our finite minds cannot understand, the Lord has shown us His infinite wisdom and power.

Viewing the wonders of God, as witnessed by even a single watermelon, we are amazed at His marvelous handiwork. In humble adoration we exclaim with the psalmist, “In wisdom You have made them all.” – Henry G. Bosch

The signature of wisdom impressed on the works of God proclaim His glory. – Newton

  • January 4, Vol. 1, Our Daily Bread

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