The Facts of Life (Luke 1:38)

Happiness-s-not-having-what-you-want-Its-wanting-what-you-have timthumb

It seems that our struggles revolve around wanting something we don’t have and having something we don’t want. Our deepest longings and our greatest challenges are deeply rooted in trying to see the hand of God in these two facts of life. This is where Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus begins.

The aging Elizabeth longed for a baby. For the young and engaged Mary, however, pregnancy should have been a disgrace. But when both learned they would have a child, they accepted the news with faith in the God whose timing is perfect and for whom nothing is impossible (Luke 1:24-25, 37-38).

As we read the Christmas story, we may be struck by the real-life context of the people whose names have become so familiar. Even while Zechariah and Elizabeth suffered their culture’s stigma of childlessness, they were described as “righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord” (v. 6). And the angel told Mary she had found favor with God (v. 30).

Their example shows us the value of a trusting heart that accepts the mysterious ways of God and the presence of His mighty hand, no matter how perplexing our circumstances may be. – David McCasland

Though you cannot see the outcome

Trust the Lord – He knows what’s best;

Be assured He sees your trial,

And He’s with you in your tests. – Hess

For the Christian, testing cannot be separated from trusting.

  • December 14, Vol. 14, Our Daily Bread

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