Who’s More Important? (1 Peter 3:8)

Courtesy Seating English  Outlines 120profileimge4_courtesy2

Why are we sometimes courteous and sometimes not? Courtesy blossoms in a heart that is humble, whereas selfishness is the root of rudeness.

I remember reading a story about a plainly dressed man who entered a church in the Netherlands and took a seat near the front. A few minutes later a woman walked down the aisle, saw the stranger in the place she always sat, and curtly asked him to leave. He quietly got up and moved to a section reserved for the poor.

When the meeting was over, a friend of the woman asked her if she knew the man she had ordered . out of her seat. “No,” she replied. Her friend then informed her, “The man you ordered out of your seat was King Oscar of Sweden! He is here visiting the Queen.”

The woman was greatly embarrassed and wished she had shown the king the courtesy of giving up her seat. But it was too late. He had left.

Some of us find it hard to be courteous when we’re driving our car, making our way through a crowded store, vying for a seat at a sports event, or even getting in line at the church potluck. Difficult as it sometimes may be, though, courtesy should be one mark of every Christian. – Henry G. Bosch

O Lord, transform our selfish hearts,

And help us always see

That gentleness and courtesy

Describe how we should be. – Anon

If you’re not very kind, you’re not very holy.

–       December 3, 1993, Our Daily Bread


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