Off-Loading Our Cares (Psalm 55:22)

overloading overloading_blog notoverloading

My poor computer had gotten overloaded. I had been adding programs to it, storing tons of information, and working on several big projects. Finally it sent me a clear message, informing me that it was incapable of taking any more. If I didn’t relieve it immediately, it was going to “crash.”

Sometimes our lives get to be like that computer. We pack in so much responsibility and activity and commitment, and we carry so much unresolved emotion that we feel we can’t take it anymore. The burdens and cares seem enormous. If we’re honest, we’ll admit that we’re about to “crash.”

When we get signals of overloadsleeplessness, irritability, worry it’s time to do some off-loading. It’s time to drop some activities and responsibilities. We may need to say no to some requests. Above all, as the psalmist suggested, we must off-load our cares on the Lord. He has promised to help us carry our burdens. – David C. Egner

When every worry, every care

To God in faith is brought

We have no reason to allow

One single anxious thought. – Anon

God invites us to burden Him with whatever burdens us.

  • January 25, 1994, Our Daily Bread

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