Say It with Love! (Song of Solomon 2:14)


All too often we take for granted the ones we love. Perhaps we get caught up in the day to day process of living and working, and we neglect to share our true inner feelings. “She knows I love her,” we tell ourselves. But we never tell our spouse.

Maybe you grew up in a family where positive, loving feelings were never expressed in words, so you don’t know what to say. Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll say the wrong thing, or that if you try to express your feelings you won’t be able to control them. That’s okay, even if you cry a little.

Everyone needs to hear words of love. In the Song of Solomon, the lovers frequently used endearing terms when speaking to each other.

Today, tell that special person “I love you” not just with candy or flowers, but with words. – David C. Egner

Who is a special person in your life?

When was the last time you said, “I love you”?

Think of a quality you admire or appreciate

In that person and tell him or her about it.

A word of love can make a world of difference.

  • February 14, 1992, Our Daily Bread

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