It is Always for Good (Romans 8:28 )

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A man in China raised horses for a living. When one of his prized stallions ran away, his friends gathered at his home to mourn his great loss. After they had expressed their concern, the man raised this question: “How do I know whether what happened is bad or good?” A couple of days later the runaway horse returned with several strays following close behind. The same acquaintances again came to his house – this time to celebrate his good fortune. “But how do I know whether it’s good or bad?” the old gentleman asked them. That very afternoon the horse kicked the owner’s son and broke the young man’s leg. Once more the crowd assembled – now to express their sorrow over the incident. “But how do I know if this is bad or good?” the  father asked again. A few days later, war broke out. The man’s son was exempted from military service because of his broken leg. Again the friends gathered –

From our limited human perspective, we cannot know with certainty how to interpret life’s experiences. For the trusting child of God, however, it’s altogether different. We can be assured that God is working for our benefit through everything that happens. We do not need to ask, as did the old Chinese gentlemen, “How do I know whether it’s good or bad?” According to Romans 8:28, we know that it’s always good. – Richard W. De Haan

What the unbeliever calls good luck the believer knows to be God’s love.

  • February 16, Vol. 1, Our Daily Bread

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