God’s Sovereignty (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

In-Everything...Give-Thanks-hopeinthehealing give-thanks-post thEZZ84PEB

How thankful we can be that we serve a God who is sovereign, loving, all-wise, and all-powerful. Nothing frustrates Him. Nothing stops Him. Nothing escapes His attention. He can take all things – both good and bad – and work them together for the benefit of His children. This truth not only gives us great confidence, joy, and peace, but it also enables us to give thanksin everything” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

God’s plan leaves nothing out. All things … work together for good – all things, even trials, at which we murmur and complain. The storms which threaten to uproot the trees really root them more firmly and deeply in the soil. The blows that one might think would make the cast-iron brittle really cause it to undergo a sort of [tempering] and increase its strength and tenacity. The enforced rest of sorrow and pain, sickness and disappointment, John Ruskin compares to the end of the tune, but a pause in the choral hymn of our lives, during which the Divine Musician beats the time with unvarying count, catching up the next note as if no breaking-pace had come between” (A. T. Pierson, Vital Union with Christ).

When we love the Lord and pass through deep waters, we can give thanks because we know that all things, even the bad, are working together for our good. – Richard W. De Haan

God causes many a tight place to open into the right place.

  • February 17, Vol. 1, Our Daily Bread

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