God’s Sacrifice (John 3:16)

Love equals sacrifice- Ending(4) jesus-the-ultimate-sacrifice

Sacrifice: giving up something we hold dear for something or someone else.

From Leadership magazine comes the story of an old Japanese farmer who had just harvested a rice crop that would make him rich. His farm was on a high plain overlooking the village at the ocean’s edge. A mild earthquake had shaken the ground, but the villagers were used to that, so they took little notice.

The farmer, looking out to sea, saw that the water on the horizon appeared dark and foreboding. He knew at once what it meant – a tidal wave. “Bring me a torch, quick,” he shouted to his grandson. Then he raced to his stacks of rice and set them ablaze.

When the bell in the temple below rang the alarm, the people scrambled up the steep slopes to help save their neighbor’s crop. But the farmer met them at the edge of the plain, shouting, “Look! Look!” They saw a great swell of water racing toward them. As it crashed ashore, the tiny village below was torn to pieces. But more than 400 people were spared.

God the Father also gave up something He held dear, His only Son. As a result, millions have experienced salvation through faith in Him. How thankful we should be for Jesus Christ – God’s sacrifice. – David C. Egner

Our hearts were dark,

Our hands were empty,

His heart was moved,

His hands were pierced. – Beals

Salvation is free, but someone paid an enormous price.

  • March 31, 1990, Our Daily Bread

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