Happy Christmas! (John 11:25)

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Last Easter morning when I walked into church I saw my friend and greeted her, “Happy Christmas!” I quickly corrected myself. “I mean, Happy Easter!

Can’t have one without the other,” she smiled.

How true! Without Christmas, there wouldn’t be an Easter. And without resurrection, this day would be just another day. In fact, we wouldn’t even be in church.

Christmas and Easter are the most joyful celebrations of the year for the Christian. In the first, celebrate the incarnation (God taking on flesh and coming into this world). “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son …” (John 3:16).

In the second, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. “He is not here, but is risen!” the angel said (Luke 24:6). From the beginning of time, these 2 days were inextricably linked in the master plan of the Father. Jesus was born to die for our sins and to conquer death so that we could live.

Which is more important? Christmas – the birth of the infant Jesus? Or Easter – the death and resurrection of the man, God’s Son? Both are essential – and both are clear evidence of the Father’s love for us.

Happy Christmas! And Happy Easter! – Cindy Hess Kasper

Jesus our Savior left heaven above,

Coming to earth as a Servant with love;

Laying aside all His glory, He came,

Bringing salvation through faith in His name. – Hess

Christmas and Easter – two chapters of the same Book.

  • March 23, Vol. 14, Our Daily Bread

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