Fickle Followers (Matthew 21:9)

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Sports fans can change like the weather. A team’s star player can hear 70,000 cheering voices if he does wellor 70,000 booing voices if he messes up.

Sports figures easily fall from grace because people are fickleeager to follow the one who makes them feel good, yet willing to turn against that same person if all does not go well.

Scripture contains an example of fickleness that is far more serious. A great multitude in Jerusalem praised, honored, and cheered Jesus on the Sunday He entered the city riding on a donkey (Matthew 21:6-11). But just a few days later, some of those same people may have been in the crowd calling for Jesus’ crucifixion (27:20-23). On Sunday they worshiped Him, but on Friday they didn’t want Him around anymore.

Sometimes, we worship Jesus heartily on Sunday, but the very next day we live as we find His presence intrusive. Or we tell Him on Sunday that we love Him, but then we fail to obey Him throughout the week.

Don’t be a fickle follower of Jesus. Worship Him every day – not just on Sunday. – Dave Branon

Let’s not be fickle followers

Who say they love the Lord

But live each day ignoring Him

And His life-giving Word. – Sper

Worshiping God should be a full-time experience.

  • April 5, Vol. 14, Our Daily Bread

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