Much More! (Romans 5:20)

MuchMore romans5-20 

A statement I heard at an Easter service stays with me: “More has been gained in the resurrection than was lost in the fall.” More gained than lost? Can it be true?

Each day we experience the damage caused by sin entering our world. Greed, injustice, and cruelty all trace their origins back to Adam and Eve’s decision to follow their own path rather than God’s (Genesis 3). The legacy of their disobedience is passed down to every generation. Without God’s intervention, we would be in a hopeless situation. But Jesus overpowered sin through His cross and conquered death through His resurrection.

The victory of Christ is celebrated in Romans 5, often called the “much more” chapter of the New Testament, where Paul contrasts the devastation caused by sin with the restoring power of God’s grace. In every case, grace overpowers the consequences of sin. In a grand conclusion, Paul says: “Where sin abounded, grace abounded much more, so that as sin reigned in death, even so grace might reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (5:20-21).

No matter how much we have personally lost because of sin, we have gained far more through the resurrection victory of Christ. – David McCasland

Sin and despair, like the sea-waves cold,

Threaten the soul with infinite loss;

Grace that is greater – yes, grace untold –

Points to the refuge, the mighty cross. – Johnston

Our sin is great – God’s grace is greater.

  • April 4, Vol. 16, Our Daily Bread

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