Unsung Heroes (1 Samuel 30:13)


The Bible contains many incidents of helpfulness by people whose names are not given. In 1 Samuel 30 we read that David’s soldiers found a young man who had been left behind by a retreating enemy army. The Egyptian slave is not named, but he provided key information that helps David to rescue his family.

I also think of the young boy whose lunch of bread and fish was multiplied by Jesus to feed thousands (John 6:9), the owners of the colt on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem (Luke 19:33), and the owner of the house in which Jesus and His disciples ate the last Passover (22:11). Then there was a boy who saved Paul’s life (Acts 23:16-22).

In our world today, there are many people who receive no recognition, who never get their names published nor hear the applause of others. Many faithfully pray, sacrificially give patiently suffer for Christ. Countless mothers quietly care for their families, and men and women courageously witness to co-workers and neighbors. They may be unnamed and unpraised here and now – but in heaven the last shall be first (Matthew 19:30).

Be patient, dear unnoticed child of God. Your reward is coming! – Martin R. De Haan, MD

Press on in your service for Jesus,

Spurred on by your love for the Lord;

He promised that if you are faithful,

One day you’ll receive your reward. – Fasick

It is better to be faithful than famous.

  • April 9, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread

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