Stop and See (Psalm 46:10)

i-need-some-rest_design i-need-a-rest-2WearyPerson

God considers rest so important that He built it into rhythm of life. Without rest we can’t see clearly; we begin to see ourselves as more important that we are.

After Elijah’s stressful confrontation with Ahab and Jezebel, he ran himself into a state of exhaustion. God sent an angel to care for him. During a time of stillness, “the word of the Lord came to him” (1 Kings 19:9). Elijah thought he alone was doing God’s work. He had been so zealous that he didn’t know that 7,000 others hadn’t bowed to Baal (v. 18).

Some of us may fear what will happen if we sit still and stop working. But something worse happens when we refuse to rest. Without rest we cannot be spiritually or physical healthy. God heals while we rest.

Just as I needed stillness so that my eyes could heal, we all need stillness so that God can keep our spiritual vision clear. – Julie Ackerman Link

Christ never asks of us such busy labor

That leaves no time for resting at His feet.

The waiting attitude of expectation,

He often counts a service most complete. – Anon

Our greatest strength may be our ability to stand still and trust God.

  • April 15, Vol. 20, Our Daily Bread

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