Arriving Late (Matthew 20:16)

Oct31_ABQuote the-goodness-of-god-rom-21-4

Eddie, an outspoken atheist, spent his entire lie of 50 years denying the existence of God. Then he contracted a debilitating disease, and his health slowly deteriorated. As he lay in a hospice house awaiting death, Eddie was visited almost every day buy some Christian friends he had known in high school. They told him again and again of Christ’s love. But the closer Eddie came to dying, the more it appeared he was not interested in God.

One Sunday, a pastor stopped by to visit. To everyone’s surprise, Eddie prayed with him and asked Jesus for forgiveness and salvation. A few weeks later, he died.

Eddie denied Jesus Christ for 50 years and spent just 2 weeks loving and trusting Him. But because of his faith, he will experience forever God’s presence, glory, love, majesty, and perfection. Some may argue that this isn’t fair. But according to Jesus’ parable in Matthew 20, it’s not about fairness. It’s about God’s goodness and grace (vv. 11-15).

Have you waited such a long time to trust Jesus for salvation that you think it might be too late? Consider the thief on the cross, who put his faith in Jesus just before he died (Luke 23:39-43). Trust Jesus now, and receive His gift of eternal life. It’s not too late! – Dave Branon

If God is calling you today,

Then trust in Christ without delay;

Tomorrow it will be too late

If death occurs and seals your fate. – Sper

It is dangerous presumption to say, “Tomorrow,” when God says, “Today!”

  • April 30, Vol. 14, Our Daily Bread

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