Feeling Secure (Psalm 49:10)

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A few years ago 18 percent of Americans said they had a great fear of flying. Only 9 percent said that driving or riding in a car was their greatest fear. Research shows, however, that traveling in a commercial airliner is actually safer than going the same distance with all wheels on the ground.

A study group at the University of Michigan calculated that if a person were traveling from Detroit to Chicago, flying would be seven times safer than driving. While more of us might feel safer on the ground than in the air, those feelings are misleading.

We can be misled by other feelings as well. Psalm 49 says that the rich often trust in their wealth and boast about their riches (v. 6). They think their houses will last forever (v. 11). They congratulate themselves for what they have (v. 18). Money makes them feel secure, powerful, and almost immortal. But they are deceived!

The psalmist pointed out that honor and wealth won’t last (vv. 10-20). Even with all their money, the rich cannot redeem one soul from death (v. 7). Only God has power to rescue us from the grave (v. 15).

Father, we know that feelings can be deceiving. Help us to trust You when everything in us wants something solid under our feet. – Martin R. De Haan II

 It’s often easier to trust

In what our eyes can see,

But God asks us to look to Him

For our eternity. – Sper

The Christian’s greatest security is his invisible means of support.

  • May 26, 1992, Our Daily Bread

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