Bibles on the Shelf (Psalm 119:11)


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Michael Billester, a Bible distributor, visited a small hamlet in Poland shortly before World War II and a gave a Bible to a villager who read it and was converted. The new believer then passed the Book on to others. They cycle of conversion and sharing continued until two hundred people become believers through that one Bible. When Billester returned in 1940, this group of Christians met together for a worship service and asked him to preach the Word. He normally asked for testimonies, but this time he suggested that several in the audience recite verses of Scripture. One man stood and said, “Perhaps we have misunderstood. Did you mean verses or chapters?”

The villagers had not memorized a few verses of the Bible but whole chapters and books. Thirteen people knew Matthew, Luke, and half of Genesis. Another person knew the Psalms. That single copy of the Bible given by Billester had done its work. Transformed lives bore witness to the power of the Word.

Most people in the United States have easy access to Bibles. Many homes have several on their shelves. So we often take the Scriptures for granted. To experience for ourselves the Bible’s transforming power, we must read and memorize it and apply its truth daily. Like the psalmist, we must hide the Word in our hearts. In the soul, not on the shelf, it where it takes root and produces godly loves – Paul R. Van Gorder.


Too many people put the Bible on the shelf instead of into their hearts

  • June 12, Vol. 1, Our Daily Bread

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