Do I Have to Read Leviticus? (Isaiah 55:11)

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“Do I really have to read Leviticus?” A young executive asked me this in earnest as we talked about the value of spending time in reading the Bible. “The Old Testament seems so boring and difficult,” he said.

Many Christians feel this way. The answer, of course, is that the Old Testament, including Leviticus, offers background and even contrasts essential to grasping the New Testament. While Isaiah challenges us to seek God (55:6), he also promises us that God’s Word accomplishes what the Lord wants it to accomplish (v. 11). Scripture is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12), and it is useful to teach, correct, and instruct us (2 Timothy 3:16). God’s Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:8-11), but sometimes it is not until later that God’s words come to mind as we need them.

The Holy Spirit uses the truths we’ve stored from reading or memorization, and He helps us to apply them at just the right time. For example, Leviticus 19:10-11 speaks of business competition and even caring for the poor. The Spirit can remind us of these concepts, and we can use them, if we’ve spent time reading and contemplating that passage.

Reading the Bible turns our minds into storehouses through which the Spirit can work. That’s a great reason to read Leviticus and the other 65 books as well. – Randy Kilgore

Lord, I want to learn to love Your Word more and more. Teach me and help me to hide it in my heart so that I can live it, be encouraged by it, and help others to know it too. Amen.

 To understand the Word of God, rely on the Spirit of God.

  • June 15, Vol. 19, Our Daily Bread

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