“Death Ends All” (Revelation 2:10)

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Death for the Christian as well as for the non-Christian is the last line on the closing page of the final chapter or our earthly life. But, oh, what a different ending it is for the faithful child of God compared with the unbeliever!

Walter L. Wilson was talking one day with an atheist who said to him, “I don’t believe, Dr. Wilson, what you are preaching.” Wilson replied, “You have told me what you not believe; tell me what you do believe.” I believe death ends all,” was the atheist reply. “So do I,” said Wilson. “You do?” “I certainly do! Death ends all your chance of doing evil; death ends all your joy; death ends all your projects; all your ambitions; all your friendships; death ends all the gospel you will ever hear; death ends it all for you, and you go out into everlasting darkness. As for myself, death ends all my wanderings; all my tears; all my perplexities; all my disappointments; all my aches and pains; death ends it all, and I go to be with the Lord of glory.”

As God’s redeemed children, let’s remain faithful to our Savior in spite of all the suffering and difficulties of these few short years. If Jesus doesn’t return before we are called into His presence, stepping onto the other side of the “valley of the shadow” will not be a dreadful experience. Rather, it will mark the end of all our heartache and sorrow and usher us into the presence of Him who will crown us with a fuller life that we have ever known.

For the Christian, the “end of all” is really a glorious new beginning. – Dennis J. De Haan

 After the heartaches and sighing shall cease,

After the cold winter’s blast,

After the conflict comes glorious peace –

I shall see Jesus at last. – Vandall

Sunset in one land is sunrise in another.

  • June 19, 1984, Our Daily Bread

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