Ready To Go? (Luke 12:20)


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A man decided to make all the necessary arrangements for the day of his funeral. He picked out a burial plot and chose the inscription he wanted carved on his headstone. A minister, who knew him well, heard that he was busily preparing for the inevitable day. So he went to the man and said, “I understand that you’ve done everything you can possibly do to provide a resting place for your body. Have you given any thought to a resting place for your soul?

The man was stunned by the question, for it was true that he hadn’t thought about getting ready for the life to come. After listening to the minister explain the gospel, he placed his trust in Christ for salvation and found assurance of eternal life and rest.

 Wise is the person who makes that all-important preparation, because everybody will spend eternity somewhere. Those who believe on Christ will enter the kingdom prepared for all who love Him; those who reject Christ will go into the everlasting fire (Matthew 25:34, 41).

No one knows when death will come. But we can be ready. Romans 10:13 says, “Whoever call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Nothing you do on earth is more important than making sure you’re ready to go. – Richard De Haan

O to be ready when death shall come!

O to be ready to hasten Home!

And sweetly, gently, to pass away

From earth’s dim twilight and into day. – Anon.

 Only those who are ready to die are ready to live.

  • June 30, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread

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