Sinful Habits Can Be Broken (John 8:36)



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A friend and I conducted an experiment. First I cut a length of cotton thread and knotted the ends together to make a loop. Then my friend held up both index fingers. I slipped the thread over them, he pulled them apart, and thread broke quite easily. Next we knotted two strands, but it took more effort. However, three strands knotted together couldn’t be broken without cutting into his skin.


Sinful habits are like that. It’s been said, “Habits that begin as cobwebs sometimes end as cables. If repeated, they become more difficult to break. This applies to alcohol and drug abuse as well as worry and anger.

Jesus came not only to forgive our sins but also to break their hold over us. When we receive Him as Lord and Savior and ask Him for deliverance, He also asks something of us – a willingness, with His help, to form new habits (Romans 6:19). As we fellowship with believers, study the Bible, and obey it daily, God will help us develop godly attitudes, actions, and reaction to life.

Are you battling bad habits? Let God help you build new habits of righteousness. He’ll break those stubborn sinful habits and make you “free indeed” (John 8:36). – Joanie Yoder

Nothing between, like worldly pleasure:

Habits of life, though harmless they seem,

Must not my heart from Him ever sever –

He is my all! There’s nothing between. – Tindley

Master your habits or your habits will master you.

  • July 9, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread

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