Righteousness will Prevail (Habakkuk 2:4)


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Speaking to the graduating seniors of New Zealand Bible College, Brian Smith said, “How well I recall the remark of a senior missionary in India when he was reflecting on the phenomenon we call Hinduism. ‘When you see its temples and hear the throb of its drums and smell of fragrance of its incense, and realize the tremendous hold it has upon the land, your heart sinks. And the consolation I have is this: This too, this mighty construction of religion and faith and worship, will disappear, like all those systems of the past. Where now are the ancient gods of the Assyrians, the Egyptians, and the Romans? Where now Artemis, “great goddess of the Ephesians, she whom Asia and the whole world worships”? These are no more.’”

As Habakkuk wrote about the powerful Chaldean armies (1:6), he no doubt despaired over their seeming invincibility. A similar feeling must have swept over European Christians in the 1940s when they saw their homelands overtaken by the Nazis. And today the same is surely true of believers in atheistic countries. But for those who trust God, there is always hope. That’s why the prophet Habakkuk affirmed that the just shall live by faith. God’s people have the assurance that they will triumph – if not here, then in eternity.

Ungodly philosophies and false religions seem overwhelming at times, but they will not last. God has promised that righteousness will prevail. –  David C. Egner

 That which does not being with God ends in failure.

  • July 17, Vol. 1, Our Daily Bread

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