Don’t Buy Junk! (1 Samuel 12:21)

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Christ teaches us that the people of God shouldn’t use their money as the world does. Instead, we should keep eternal values in mind. Sure, we must have what Jesus calls “unrighteous mammon,” or money, to buy what we need. But we must be careful how we use it. How we spend our money shows whether we want to serve it or serve God.

To our Lord, money is relatively insignificant. Yet He makes it clear that how we use our money indicates how we will handle larger and more important spiritual issues. In that light, we must avoid the trap of becoming slaves to our money by buying things we don’t need.

Lord, help us to spend what we have with eternity in view. Please don’t let us buy junk. – Martin R. De Haan II

We lose what on ourselves we spend;

We have as treasure without end

Whatever, Lord, to You we lend,

Who gives all. – Wordsworth

You can’t take your money to heave, but you can invest it for eternity.

  • June 27, 1986, Our Daily Bread

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