Spiritual Blindness (1 Corinthians 2:14)


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A friend who is not a Christian told me, “I’ve read the Bible, but I don’t understand it.” His comment is not unusual. People of worldeven those have acquired much learning and achieved greatness cannot comprehend the truths of God’s Word.

One of the finest statesmen in British history was Willliam Pitt, who at age of 24 became prime minister of England. William Wilberforce, a Christian, persuaded Pitt to attend a meeting in which a member of the House of Lords powerfully proclaimed the gospel. After the meeting, Wilberforce asked Pitt what he thought of the message. He replied, “To tell you the truth, Wilberforce, I gave that man my most careful attention from start to finish, but I was totally unable to understand what he was talking about.”

Education, culture, or great knowledge in matters of government and business are of no help in understanding God’s Word. Only when a person place his faith in Christ and becomes a child of God is the spiritual darkness lifted from his heart and mind. The miracle of the new birth opens blinded eyes to the teachings of the Bible. At the moment of regeneration, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in the believer, giving life and light.

If you appreciate and rejoice in the truths of God’s Word, thank Him for giving you spiritual sight. But if you are like William Pitt, you need to place your faith in Christ. It’s God answer to spiritual blindness. – Paul R. Van Gorder

Holy Bible, Book divine,

Precious treasure, thou art mine:

Mine to tell me whence I came,

Mine to teach me what I am. – Burton

When you open your heart to the Savior, God opens your mind to His Word.

  • August 19, 1986, Our Daily Bread

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