What the Canoe can’t Do (Titus 3:5)


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If some people were to be absolutely honest, they would have to admit that they are trying to earn their way to heaven. Their faith is in their good intentions and admirable deedsnot in the Lord Jesus Christ. For instance, when my neighbor died, his wife said to me, “Surely he is in heaven, don’t you think? He was a good man. He was such a good man.” I agreed that he had been a fine husband and conscientious father, but I had to add, “He’ll be in heaven if he believed in Jesus Christ as his Savior.”

I was thinking about our inability to save ourselves one afternoon when I was fishing in our 14-foot canoe. Now, a person would be a fool to think he could cross the ocean through gale-force winds and swelling waves in vessel like that. Even the most experienced paddler with the best of equipment would not try to travel from Newfoundland to Liverpool in a 14-foot canoe. The unstable craft just could not make it.

Do you see the point? Just as the canoe cannot carry us across the ocean, our good works and worthy intentions cannot take us to heaven. Oh, our goodness may make the circumstances of this life more pleasantjust as sitting in a canoe on a calm lake is pleasantbut it will never meet the just demands of a righteous God.

The only solution is to put our trust in Christ. When we accept Him through faith, He gives us His righteousnessand that holiness will take us to heaven. – David C. Egner

We cannot earn a place in heaven

By word, work, or worth;

By trusting Christ who died for us –

That’s how we have new birth. – Branon


We are not saved by good work but by God’s work.

  • August 22, 1986, Our Daily Bread

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