Keep Eternity in Mind (1 Timothy 6:18,19)



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Many years ago a group of people mistakenly thought they best prepare for eternity by taking no pleasure in life here on earth. They ate the simplest food, lived in solitude, never bathed, and wore a camel skin garment with the hair on the inside to produce itching.

Today many Christians err by going to the opposite extreme. They get so caught up in the pleasures and comforts of this life that they give little thought to the life hereafter.

The writer of Ecclesiastes knew the right balance. He said it is “good and fitting” to enjoy our earthly blessings (Ecclesiastes 5:18). He also reminded us that whatever degree of health and wealth we possess is “the gift of God (Ecclesiastes 5:19). When we keep in mind the source of all our good, we are bound to think of God and of eternity. This should not make us morbid, but it should fill us with such gladness that the thought of dying won’t disturb us (Ecclesiastes 5:20).

Christians are citizens of two worlds. God Desires that the earthly blessings He gives us contribute to our happiness. But He warns us not to set our hearts on them. Paul said that by doing good we can store up riches for our eternal future (1 Timothy 6:17-19).

We can best enjoy God’s earthly blessings when we keep eternity and heaven in mind. – Herbert Vander Lugt

All things of earth are but a mist

That quickly fades away;

What lasts throughout eternity

Is how we live each day! – Dennis J. De Haan

Our main business in this world is to secure an interest in the next.

  • March 29, 1990, Our Daily Bread

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