Drugged by Unbelief (Psalm 14:1)

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After one of the first Russian cosmonauts returned from space, he said, “I didn’t see God up there.” An American pastor responded in a Sunday sermon by saying, “All he needs to do is to leave the space capsule and take off his space suit. He’ll see God!

Unbelief is like a powerful mind-altering drug. It causes a person to ignore and even deny the existence of an all-powerful Creator-Judge before whom we must one day give an account. God made us with the freedom to decide to ignore Him, His Word, and His works. And that’s what many have chosen to do.

The mind-numbing effect of unbelief carries many people through life pretty well. But as eternity nears, it can begin to wear off. Facing the prospect of going into eternity all alone, with none of this world’s temporary support, often brings uneasiness and dread.

The reason for this uneasiness is that God is trying to win our hearts. He wants us to know for sure not only that God exists but also how He cares for us. He sent Jesus, His Son, to reveal God to us and to demonstrate God’s love by dying for our sins.

Have you been drugged by unbelief? If so, decide to take a step of faith. Admit your sinfulness and put your trust in Christ. You will receive forgiveness, pace, and certainty for eternity. – Dennis J. De Haan

How can you go another day?

From God’s great plan no more delay;

Just trust in Christ – His Word believe,

Eternal life you will receive. – J. D. Branon

Man’s soul finds no rest until it rests in God.

  • September 9, 1990, Our Daily Bread

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