Father, Forgive Them (Luke 23:34)


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A 12-year-old boy on a second trip to a museum stuck a wad of chewing gum on a painting worth $1.5 million. The gum left a stain about the size of a quarter on Helen Frankenthaler’s landmark abstract, The Bay. Officials at the Detroit Institute of Arts were unsure whether they could remove it. They boy was suspended from school. “I don’t think he understood the ramifications of what he did,” said a school official.

In Luke 23, Jesus prayed a powerful prayer for people who didn’t understand the ramifications of what they were doing. He asked His father to forgive those who were putting Him to death (v. 34). They devalued God’s Son – flogging Him, spitting on Him, ridiculing Him, and placing a crown of thorns on His head. They drove spikes through His hands and feet and pierced His side. Although they didn’t understand the full scope of their actions, through the death of His Son, God offered forgiveness to all who repent and believe – even to Jesus’ murderers.

Because of our sin, we all played a part in putting Jesus to death. The good news God is that God is gracious. He will forgive and remove the stain of sin and give us a second chance through His Son. – Marvin Williams

Unfathomable the words “Father, forgive!”

Even as they nailed the Savior to a cross!

But we who drove the nails yet may live

When we cry out, “Dear Father, forgive us!” – Anon.

No one is too bad for God’s forgiveness – but it must be accepted.

  • September 21, Vol. 14, Our Daily Bread

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