The End? (1 Corinthians 15:57)

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Everything in this world eventually comes to an end, which at times can be disheartening. It’s the feeling you get when you read a book that’s so good you don’t want it to end. Or, when you watch a movie that you wish would go on a little while longer.

But all things – good and bad – do come to “The End.” In fact, life ultimately does come to the end – sometimes sooner than we expect. All of us who have stood by the casket of a loved one know the painful emptiness of a heart that wishes it wasn’t over yet.

Thankfully, Jesus steps into the fray of terminal disappointments, and through His death and resurrection, He interjects hope for us. In Him “the end” is a prelude to a death-free eternity, and words like “it’s over” are replaced by a joy-filled “forever.” Since our bodies are not an eternal reality, Paul assures us that “we shall be changed” (1 Corinthians 15:51) and reminds us that because of Christ conquering work we can confidently say, “O Death…. where is your victory? (v. 55).

So let not your heart be troubled. Our sorrow is real, but we can be filled with gratitude because God “gives the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (v. 57). – Joe Stowell

 Lord, keep our eyes and hearts fixed not on the temporary joys or disappointments but on the victorious realities of eternity. Thank You for Your death and resurrection that guarantee our forever future.

In Christ, the end is only the beginning.

  • October 18, Vol. 21, Our Daily Bread

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