Rejected! (John 1:11)

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Rejection hurts. When Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson conceded the election in 1952, he said he felt like a grown man who had just stubbed his toe, “It hurts too much to laugh, but I’m too old to cry.”

Little children feel the pain of rejection when one of their peers is chosen to recite a poem or sing a song instead of them. As they grow older, some of them are not going to be chosen for the varsity team. Some of them are going to be turned down by a girl they want to date. Some may marry and have their mate leave them for another person. They may wonder why the Lord allows them to be rejected.

I have no easy answers when I confront the questions of people who have been hurt like this. I can only suggest that we look to Jesus, remembering how He too experienced rejection. When He came, He was scorned by His brothers and His countrymen. He heard the crowd demand His crucifixion. And on the cross, as our sin-bearer, He experienced such abandonement by His Father that He cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” (Matthew 27:46).

When you feel the deep hurt of rejection, look to Jesus. He understands how you feel. He loves you. If you believe on Him, He has accepted you, and He will never reject those who trust in Him. – Herbert Vander Lugt

I love to dwell upon the thought

That Jesus cares for me;

It matters not what life may bring –

He loves me tenderly. – Adams

Jesus cares.

  • October 1, 1990, Our Daily Bread

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