One Option We Don’t Have (Joshua 2:11)

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James A. Meads Jr. began his sermon with this statement: “The reason you and I cannot ignore God can be stated in one word: Israel. No other nation has been known as a ‘chosen people.’ No other nation has as much to say about the love, the patience, and anger of God. Through Israel, God has given the world an object lesson about His nature.

Centuries ago, Jericho’s king might have said, “Israel is coming – so what!” But we read that when he and his people heard what God had done at  the Red Sea, and that two Amorite kings had been destroyed, the hearts of the people “melted” (Joshua 2:10-11).

Jericho’s king had at least two options. He could flee for his life, or he could repent, believe God, and plead for mercy. That’s what Rahab did, and she and her family were spared (vv. 12-13). But that one option the king didn’t have was to ignore Israel, and therefore he couldn’t ignore God.

Many people seem to get along well without God. But just as the world today can’t ignore Israel, so also it can’t ignore Jesus Christ, who came from Israel. As the One who create the universe, He is God (Colossians 1:15-17). As the One who died on Calvary’s cross, He is the world’s Savior and Redeemer (vv. 13-14). Trust Him to save you today. – Dennis De Haan

We can’t ignore God’s only Son,

He is the Lord, the Holy One;

He is the source of life and grace,

The One who died and took our place. – Fitzhugh

Everyone must face God as Savior or  as Judge.

  • September 29, Vol. 18, Our Daily Bread

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