“Nothing is Ever Sure” (James 4:14)


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In November 1975, the huge freighter Edmund Fitzgerald sank in the cold waters of Lake Superior during a fierce storm. Only a week before the tragedy, chief steward Robert Rafferty had written to his wife, “I may be home by November 8. However, nothing is ever sure.” The prophetic irony of his words was noted in a newspaper article listing 29 crew members who perished in the disaster.

Not a day passes without a reminder that our earthly life can end at any moment. All we need to do is read the obituary column. One message comes through loud and clear: We’re here today, but we may be gone tomorrow!What is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away” (James 4:14).

Is our only certainly, then, the sobering prospect that at any moment we may be thrust into eternity? No! Christ is the anchor of the soul. He paid the penalty for our sins on the cross. If we admit our guilt before God, we will receive forgiveness and eternal life by trusting Him. He has promised to remain with us, even in the hour of death.

Does your earthly life seem futile because “nothing is ever sure”? Then trust Christ! He provides a joyous certainty about eternity that be yours right now. – Dennis De Haan

 Life is uncertain,

Death is sure,

Sin is the cause,

Christ is the cure! – Anon.

It’s never too soon to accept Christ, but at any moment it could be too late.

  • October 15, Vol. 12B, Our Daily Bread

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