No Other Way (John 10:1)


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Salvation from sin and spiritual death comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. He lived a sinless life (Hebrews 4:15). He died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin (1 Peter 3:18). When we believe on Him, His righteousness is credited to our account (2 Corinthians 5:21). Yes, Jesus is the only way to heaven (John 14:6). Trusting anything elsegood works, family name, or positive thoughtsis doomed to failure.

The following story by Leslie B. Flynn illustrates this vital point: “A religious man dreamed he was building a ladder to heaven. When he did a good deed, the ladder went up one more step. When he gave a dollar to charity, he added another step. When he joined the church, the ladder went up 10 steps. Higher and higher went the ladder till it reached beyond clouds and out of sight. As the end of his life neared, the man though that would surely the ladder would extend clear up into heaven by then. So, confidently stepping off the top of the ladder, thinking it was heaven, he found nothing there and went tumbling head over heels to his ruin …. Awakening from his dream, he recalled the verse which says that Jesus is the way, apart from which no man can reach the Father.”

Friend, have you been thinking that your efforts or the way you live have surely been good enough to merit God’s favor? Are you relying on your honorable name to get you into heaven? Then think again. Don’t let pride keep you from receiving Christ. He is the only way! – David C. Egner

 Cast your futile efforts down,

Down at Jesus’ feet;

Stand in Him, in Him alone,

Gloriously complete. – Anon.

 Salvation is not something we achieve – it’s something we receive.

  • October 16, 1984, Our Daily Bread

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