Lion and Moth Judgment (Hosea 5:12, 14)

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I was talking to a hard-drinking, cursing man who says he believes in God, yet he resists the invitation of the gospel. He told me he expects God to send a nuclear holocaust upon mankind as punishment for its sinfulness. He spoke out loudly against the wickedness of a society that allows abortion, sexual perversion, and social injustice. But when I mentioned his own personal sins, he grew quiet. He obviously didn’t want to face the fact that his deteriorating body and erratic behavior were the consequences of his own sinful lifestyle. He was willing to think that God would send a violent judgment on a sinful society, “like a lion” springing on its prey. But he refused to admit that the Lord also judges individual sin by letting it weaken one’s body, “like a moth” slowly but surely destroying a piece of cloth.

Any talk in today’s world about God’s judgment upon sin is highly unpopular. A storm of protest goes up if a minister suggests that venereal disease and AIDS may be a part of God’s judgment upon those who engage in immoral behavior. And anyone who publicly says that the cruel sex crimes, heartless abortions, and gross perversions blighting society are the fruit of godlessness will surely incur the scorn of the news media. Yet the Bible says and human experience confirms that God’s judgments are often built into the sin itself (Romans 1:24, 26, 28).

Let’s make no mistake! God always punishes evilsometimes swiftly like a lion, and sometimes slowly like a moth. It’s a truth we all need to remember. – Herbert Vander Lugt

They shall not stand the judgment test

Who live for self today;

For God sees all and He will judge

The evildoer’s way. – H. G. Bosch

Playing with sin is toying with judgment.

  • July 18, 1984, Our Daily Bread

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