Three Times and Out (Psalm 122:1)

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A book in my library includes a humorous tale about a man who refused to attend church. When a pastor asked him why, he answered, “I don’t go to church because every time I do they throw something at me.” “What do you mean?” the preacher inquired. The man went on to explain. “When I was just a baby and my parents took me to church, the minister threw water at me. When I got married, the wedding ceremony took place in a church, and they threw rice at me.” Hearing this, the pastor quickly responded, “And if you don’t start going to church again, the next time you do I’m afraid they’ll throw DIRT on you!

Sadly, this describes the situation for many people. As far as church attendance is concerned, it’s “three times and out. They go to church to be baptized, married, and buriedand that’s about all. For an obedient child of God, however, that will never do. He does not forsake “the assembling … together” commanded in Hebrews 10:25. Rather, thanking God for the church, the dedicated believer takes advantage of the opportunities his local assembly offers for fellowship, for the ministry of God’s Word, for the observance of the ordinances, and for service. The church is a special blessing that God Himself has provided for believers.

We need the church. Therefore, let’s not neglect it. Let’s support it with our giving, our cooperation, our prayers, and out attendance. May our churchgoing never be described as “three times and out.” – Richard W. De Haan

Your week’s not complete till you make it your goal

To honor the Lord’s day and care for your soul;

The help that you need for the tasks that you face

Will come as you worship and draw on God’s grace. – D. J. De Haan

Worship is a necessity, not a luxury.

  • October 28, 1984, Our Daly Bread

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