Hallowing Halloween (2 Timothy 2:21)

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The word hallow isn’t used much anymore, and when it is, the uses have a broad range of meaning. Christians use the word when we say the Lord’s prayer, as in “Hallowed be Thy name. Often the word is associated with the last day of the October, which we in the US refer to as Halloween, a shortened form of All Hallows’ Eve.

In Scripture, the word hallow is a synonym for the word sanctify. When we hallow or sanctify something, we set it apart as being holy.

The name of God is not the only thing that we are to hallow. We, too, are to be hallowed. Paul urged Timothy to be a vessel sanctified and useful for God by pursuing “righteousness, faith, love, [and] peace with those call on the Lord out of a pure heart” and by avoiding “foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife” (2 Timothy 2:21-23).

On this last day of October, children in the US will be carrying bags filled with sweets. Thinking of them can remind us to ask: “What is filling the vessel of my life? Is it bitter attitude that leads to foolish disputes and strife, or is it a sweet spirit that leads to righteousness, faith, love, and peace?

We can hollow today, and every day, by setting ourselves apart for God to be used by Him. – Julie Ackerman Link

Lord, may our lives be a set apart

And useful in Your hands;

Pursuing righteousness and faith

As we fulfill Your plans. – Sper

A Christian’s greatest joy is to be used by God.

  • October 31, Vol. 16, Our Daily Bread

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